About Us

Burron Home and Building Products was founded in 1976 by Ray Burron. This small Canadian family-owned and operated company has built a successful business amongst competition from big-box retailers. 41 years later, Burron still operates with Ray's values in how we treat customers. Succeeded by his daughter Kim, the tradition continues - making friends one customer at a time.

Kim Burron
"Aunty" Kim Burron

Our Message to You

After more than 35 years in business, we consider Burron Building Products to be an expert window, roofing, insulation and siding supplier to the general public in Winnipeg.

Our staff is well-trained to answer your questions regarding exterior home renovations. Not only do we help you get the right supplies for your renovation, we offer our products at the guaranteed lowest prices.

Looking for a quality comfortable mattress, futon or waterbed? Give us a call—we’re sure you won't be disappointed in our selection.

As a warehouse distribution centre, we stock large quantities of products to ensure our customers receive prompt attention to their order and the very lowest prices.

Yours truly,
Kim Burron, President

Meet the Team

When you stop in at Burron's, you'll see plenty of happy faces. Especially if there's pie. Here's some that you may see helping customers in our different departments.



Beard Guy

Howard doesn't work here. He's probably a male model somewhere. But he has a beard. It's a really nice beard. Actually, it's a really great beard. Look at it.

Like what you see?

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always available to answer any questions you might have. Except for Howard. He doesn't actually work here. We just like his beard.